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Students are always encouraged to participate in as many ensembles as possible.  With the Honor Band program, students who choose to go the extra mile with our ensembles will be awarded points after they execute their duties.

What does "honors" mean?  It means that the amount of credit earned for the the Band "elective" class will be tabulated as an honors class which can help elevate his/her cumulative GPA.  So not only does participating in our music department help develop musical skills, it can also directly and positively affect academic standings!

Students will be awarded points based on his/her attendance and quality of participation.  A student must participate in at least half of the performances and half of the practices to get the full amount of points needed. Once below this mark, students will only earn half of the points.  If a student falls below 1/4 of the total performances/rehearsals, points will not be awarded.

At the end of the year when points are tabulated, will it be determined if the student will remain in Honor Band status or be moved to regular Band or Band/Chorus.

PEP BAND (6 points)
JAZZ BAND (4 points)*
PIT ORCHESTRA (4 points)*
MEMORIAL DAY (2 points)

* Students should NOT CALCULATE the points for these due to the instrumentation requirements of each ensemble.  I cannot guarantee spots because of this.  However, interested students will be chosen by director as needed in compliance with the instrumentation of the ensembles to be able to earn points.


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