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Year started: 2001-2002 

Purpose: Originally, to give Guitar Lab students an opportunity to perform.  Now, to give EVERYONE an opportunity to perform, raise money to sustain our instruments and support music department activities, raise money for selected charities, organizations, or local families in need.

Started by Mr. I in his first year at MHS, this concert has evolved into a highly produced show that is only outweighed by the hard work the students put into the performances.

Highlights: Everything from start to finish! We have been featured in the Star Ledger, News 12, MSG Varsity, raised money for the Chemey family, stocked our guitar room with high quality instruments for our students to play and create with, and started to involve our Lights, Sound, & Scenery and Drum Lab classes

Notes: Over the years, the ARS has always been a memorable show that blows away its audience!!  Since the turning point year, 2005 (ARS  IV), the show has established itself and is now, slowly but surely, becoming a student produced show.  Students have slowly began to manage the lights, sound, audio recording, and program order which has always been part of the plan  This year, I hope to reach my ultimate goal of having the students completely run the show with little influence from me.  Obviously I will still make the final calls on things and supervise everything but I want the students to take ownership.



Year Started: 2006-2007

Purpose: To give our students more opportunities to perform and prepare for the Acoustic Rock Show with hopes of achieving the highest level of performance.

Highlights: Every show features a guest artist who is well seasoned in the singer/songwriter circuit or in the music industry to help give our students and audience perspective on the music scene.  Our students have been featured in the Star Ledger, News 12, and MSG Varsity over the years.  We have raised over $1,000 to help Middlesex families in need.  Self sustaining.

Past Guests Artists: Jerzy Jung, Dan Lavoie, Sam Eldebs, Helena Maria, Laura Cheadle, Karen Updike, Justina, Keith Kenny, Kelly Carvin, Jessica Paris, Sarah Donner, Miracles Of Modern Science, Melissa Anthony, Joanna Burns, Cat London, Rich Aveo, Nalani & Sarina, Bryan Hansen, and more to come...

please visit our friends when you get a chance!

How To Read the Numbers: Listening Room 7.1 (7 years running, 1st show of the year)

Why Are Tickets Only Available Through Student Performers?: It is common practice for the majority of music venues (large and small) to have artists sell tickets and promote their shows called "pay to play".  This is an industry standard as well but the difference is, management companies usually take on the responsibility of advertising, publicity, and starting street teams for the artists.  On a more local level, the artists take on this responsibility.  Often times, if a band cannot sell the allotted tickets, the band would have to pay for the difference and the venue will not have them back again.  This would be a huge loss because bands don't usually start making money on tickets until they sell more than the minimum and of course, not having a venue will hurt their chances of reaching more people.

Having students sell tickets educates them on this aspect of the music scene and gives them a sense of ownership.  It also teaches responsibility and pro-activity which are such valuable skills that everyone should have.



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