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I am looking for new students who have an interest or EXCITEMENT for filming/editing videos or taking photos.  We have the cameras, computers, and editing software, we just need students to step up and take this on!!

The majority of our video content on our YouTube page were filmed and edited by students! These videos will live on and be wonderful time capsules as students move on to adulthood. I have already witnessed this as I have alums who are well into their 30's!!

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
Filming our music performances using our camcorders and/or GoPros
Filming school events (football games, dances, back to school night, Halloween parade, etc)
Editing video using either iMovie or Final Cut
Taking photos using our Canon DSLR cameras
Editing photos using Photoshop, iPhoto, or Apperature

Please contact or see Mr. I. We need to fill these spots ASAP!!

Please subscribe to our YouTube page!

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